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“Tell Me and I Forget. Teach Me and I Remember. Involve me and I Learn”

Benjamin Franklin

Project Based Learning

Our educational program places a strong emphasis on project-based and hands-on learning. This approach allows students to actively engage in constructing knowledge and understanding concepts that span across multiple areas of the curriculum, while also enabling them to connect with the real world. Research has demonstrated that "Learning by Doing" leads to higher student achievement. By adopting this pedagogical method, students can acquire a greater depth of understanding of concepts and develop a range of critical skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, interpersonal skills, effective communication, creativity, and presentation skills.

Kids in Technology Class
Diverse kindergarten students learning energy producer from solar windmill in science clas

STEM & Arts Focused Curriculum 

Our curriculum focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and the Arts. We emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving skills, collaborative learning, and the scientific method. Our curriculum challenges students to approach real-world problems in various ways, detect errors, gather relevant data, understand how different parts of a system work, apply interdisciplinary knowledge, and develop effective solutions. 

Advanced 3D  Interactive Technology

Our cutting-edge 3D and interactive technology acts as an effective tool for accelerating learning and enhancing student engagement. Our 3D augmented and virtual reality computers, 3D printers, and interactive teaching walls play an integral role in both instruction and learning for students. By utilizing interactive three-dimensional imaging software technology, we create transformational learning experiences that inspire curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter. These learning tools support various subject matters, including literacy, mathematics, earth and space science, physical and life science, engineering design, social science, geography, and the Arts. 


Strategic Small Group Tutoring

We are dedicated to ensuring the success of every student. We achieve this goal by providing numerous opportunities for small-group tutoring. Studies have consistently demonstrated the positive and lasting effects of small-group tutoring. This type of tutoring complements and supports classroom learning, and is customized to meet the unique academic needs of each student. 

Mastery Based Education 

Our educational program is designed to ensure that each student has a solid understanding of essential foundational knowledge and skills before moving on to the next topic. Students are expected to demonstrate mastery in various subjects including reading, writing, mathematics, classical literature, science, history, geography, civics, the arts, and world language. To achieve mastery, we employ diverse instructional methods, including direct instruction, hands-on learning, blended instruction, and self-paced learning.

Experimenting in Lab
Teacher and Pupil

Personalized Student Learning Plans

To ensure that every child meets or exceeds our academic standards, we provide them with personalized learning plans that identify and support their individual needs. These plans are an essential resource for our teachers to support students academically. Parents also have real-time access to stay informed about their child's progress. These plans are web-based and serve as a central repository of real-time information on student needs and serve as a roadmap to academic achievement. They include student information, academic goals, current work, assessment data and analysis, and overall progress to date.

A Focus on Highly Effective Teachers & Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Our educational program prioritizes hiring teachers who are experts in their subject matter and have experience in a STEM-related field. By having subject-expert teachers, we ensure that students will gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, develop skills at a higher level, and be inspired to learn. Furthermore, we maintain a low student-teacher ratio to provide our students with highly personal attention.


We understand that great classroom teachers are essential to achieving high levels of student achievement. Therefore, we invest significant resources in recruiting the best and the brightest teachers from both local and national sources. We employ various recruitment strategies, such as collaborating with professional teaching organizations, attending national job fairs, reaching out to prestigious colleges and alumni associations, Teacher Colleges, and Higher Ed Institutions, with a particular focus on STEM-trained teachers.

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Kids Running

Mind & Body Connection

We implement an integrated, evidence-based approach to health, nutrition, fitness, and mental health. Offering nutritious and fresh whole foods is crucial to ensure that students are ready to learn. We have developed a high-quality physical fitness program that aims to encourage daily moderate to vigorous movement for all students. Our main objective is to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills, behaviors, and confidence to stay physically active throughout their lives. Our program includes a combination of aerobics, cardiovascular, and large motor development activities, such as fitness and circuit training, low-impact aerobics, dance and games, yoga, and martial arts. Recent research has shown that physical activity is linked to academic benefits such as improved concentration, memory, and classroom behavior. These benefits are the foundation of creating students who are ready to learn.

Strong Leadership

We believe that a strong leader plays a vote role in establishing successful and sustainable schools. An effective school leader is accountable for fostering an atmosphere that promotes academic excellence, and a secure, supportive and optimistic learning environment that facilitates high-quality teaching and learning.

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parent involvement

Parent Involvement

We firmly believe in the importance of parent involvement as a critical and integral component of creating a highly successful school. Our duty and responsibility as educators is to guide and teach your children to achieve their greatest potential. This is what motivates us to create a great school for your children. We promise to always be transparent and open about what your children are being taught and we value your input along the way.

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